Super Mario Run is particularly good. Nintendo intends to offer a real title worthy of the 3DS to the amateurs of smartphones avoiding to fall into the facility of the simple runner taking advantage of the name of its mascot. So yes, the price may seem high for a mobile application, but we are dealing with a title as qualitative as any work of the firm. Despite its relative accessibility, the gameplay can quickly become technical for the most demanding. The only downside is to look for the moment on the side of the number of courses available in the mode "World Tour" which remains light. If the Kyoto firm decides to regularly feed its application in levels and this, for free, then it will certainly hold a bestseller rank.

If your are like us, that mean, that you really enjoyed all the Super Mario games by Nintendo, you’re going to love our site.

What is this site about?

This site is presenting the Super Mario Run game through a blog and a Youtube Channel.

We also present you with all the good deals on Super Mario products in order to give you Mario gift ideas and others.

You can learn more about us here, on the About page.

On our site, you can find information on Super Mario products within 8 categories :

  1. Clothing
  2. Consoles
  3. Deco
  4. iPhone accessories
  5. Plush
  6. Stickers
  7. Toys
  8. Video Games

Now, that you know about each product categories, let’s dive into each one. Let us help you find the perfect Super Mario product for your nephew, geek boyfriend, or grandma!



We are pretty pragmatic here on this site. So instead of presenting you the best options at the end of the page, we thought it could be better to just start with it.

That’s why our main category is about Clothing.

You’re going to find mostly t-shirts, but also a backpack, shoes and slippers around the Super Mario universe.

We tried to find the best options for you to please your loved one with his favorite plumber to wear to sleep or everyday at work!

Click here, to see all the products of the Clothing Category.


super-mario-consolesNintendo Consoles are every person’s dream! You can easily spend all your day with them. Remember when you were a kid: you woke on the 25th of December, full of joy and excitment, ready to unbox one of these wonderful products and venture into magnificent adventures!


Check out our best deals on Super Mario Consoles.


super-mario-decoHave you ever wondered what it takes to live in Super Mario World?

Well, not that much. Today, everything is feasible thanks to the Internet! You can easily transform your house in a Super Mario Castle in no time 🙂

Bring the joy of the Mushroom Kingdom at home by purchasing furniture and products which come from your favorite world!

This is a great idea if you have a birthday party, kids to entertain or if you are an adult who is one of the biggest fans there is out there!


Click here to see all our decorations on the Super Mario theme.

iPhone accessories

super-mario-run-battery-iphoneIf you want to make the most of your Super Mario experience, we truly advise you to invest in an external bank power.

Remember last summer? When everyone was running out of battery when they were chasing Pokemons?

You don’t want that to happen again when you are going to collect coins, don’t you?

An Internet connection is necessary to play Super Mario Run, which implies that your battery will get consumed quickly.

If you like to compete and have a strong-willed mentality (and we know you have), you’d better purchase the power banks.


Follow this link to see which are the best iPhone accessories.


super-mario-plushSuper Mario’s world is full of cuteness and wonderful creatures! So why not dream with them at night? You can now use a Turtle to rest your head or a Goomba for pillow fights.


Let see if you love plush as we do?


Kids and families unite! For this is the time to get your fingers ready to paste stickers all over your walls, furniture and friends’ clothes.

super-mario-stickersStickers are a way to be part of a community. By letting kids play with stickers, you’ll see that they learn to enjoy their alone time in their bedroom. They will learn to be independent and not rely on their parents at every moment.

When times are low for children, stickers on their bedrooms’ walls will brighten their heart and make them smile. It ignites their imagination and pushes them to conquer their negative feelings.

Stickers are also a tool to be creative. By playing with them, kids can learn how to create levels, stories and how to turn any ordinary and plain object into a work of imagination.

If you are a parent and you do not know how to please your children without spending a lot, think about stickers. They will thank you!


Click here to see info on all stickers.


Children love to play!

And you want to optimise the time they spend playing. This is not wasted time if you invest in the right products!

Think about a kid who reads useless books. Is he wasting time? Probably.

super-mario-brothers-action-figures-set-18-pieceBut what about a kid who learns to make use of the tools you offer him?

Don’t be shy and bring joy to your kids by giving them the best Super Mario toys!

As aficionados, we can relate and express gratitude toward those who understood that we wanted to expand our imaginary world. Kids do not know such by-products exist. They are considered as extremely rare from their point of view. So you will empower the bonds adn your relationship with them by enabling them to prolong their Super Mario experience in the physical world!

Besides, you’ll be relieved if you are worried about your kids being in front of screens too much time.


Find the best Super Mario toys for your child or nephew.

Video Games

Super Mario is first and foremost a character from a video-game. This is why we could not miss a chance to talk about our favorite Nintendo games 🙂 We are long-time players. We played on the GameBoy Color, the GameBoy Advance, the GameBoy SP, the Nintendo DS, the NES 64, the Gamecube and the Wii and WiiU.

super-mario-maker-for-nintendo-3ds-nintendo-3dsWe can’t tell you how impatient we were when we learned Nintendo was launching a game for the iOS devices. But now, our excitement has expanded to the point where we want to go back to all our favorite Nintendo games!


Did you play all the Super Mario games yet?