The Story of two friends

We are two friends, two long-time players who have grown with Mario and Luigi and all the other lovely characters which compose Nintendo’s world.

From our early age, Mario and Luigi have always ignited a passion for us. The games proved to be as educational as fun and as creative as addictive! We learned a lot with these video games and we wish kids and parents who doubt about video games would know this.

Super Mario taught us to be persistent, to never give up and to try harder to get bigger prizes and rewards.

This is crucial for getting the right mindset in our competitive world.

Super Mario taught us to be creative. Super Mario’s main theme was for us an anthem. We learned to play it on every instrument. The love we felt for the fictional world made us forget how difficult it can be to learn how to play music. As a result, it created a snowball effect of qualities we developed from that point: from confidence to discipline.

Mario did not save Peach in a snap of a finger

We learned that Mario did not save Peach in a snap of a finger, and we understood things worked that way in Life, too.

If you think about it, video games are a hyperbolic simulation of what can happen in the real world: events are dramatized, simplified as in scientific experiences. This helps gamers work on their concentration and focus on single tasks for longer times.

Just look at how a technique is acquired in the physical world: through theory and practice and reaching out.

Super Mario was the best teacher in the world for us because it made us realize on a smaller scale that determination can bring you far!

About Nintendo and why we love it

You can’t talk about the best games of the 1980’s without bringing up the plumbing brothers themselves, Mario and Luigi. “Super Mario Bros.”, both in the arcade and on the NES, is a game that will always be loved by gamers everywhere.

Sequels, like “Super Mario Bros. 3” (which sold 18 million copies!), which released near the end of the 80’s, are considered to be some of the greatest games of all time.Retro things seem to always be in style, and with the popularity of video games these days, retro games are definitely no exception.

Video games from the 80’s can be found everywhere, from Wii’s “virtual console” releases (which include many Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis and Super NES titles) to the Xbox Live Arcade found on the Xbox 360. What keeps people coming back to the great games from the 80’s? It’s hard to say, but here are a few of the greatest 80’s video games.

Another great game from the 80’s was “Metroid”, which was released in 1987 in North America, for the NES. The game was instantly praised for its Sci-Fi setting, great controls, and non-stop action. However, one of the best aspects of the game has to do with the story itself. While it is pretty bare-bones (which was common in 80’s games), it is revealed at the end of the game that the main character, Samus, is actually female. This undoubtedly paved the way for all of the female heroes we see in games today.

It is hard to talk about video games at all, and definitely 80’s video games, without mentioning 1980’s “Pac-Man”. Pac-Man was a pretty basic character with a pretty basic goal: eat all of the pellets without getting caught by the angry ghosts roaming around. However, the addictive game play led the game to be probably the first true mega-hit in gaming history, at least in many areas.

Finally, “Donkey Kong” appeared on the scene in 1981, picking up right where “Pac-Man” left off. The game featured Mario to an unsuspecting public, who has since become probably the most famous character in video game history, next to Pac-Man himself. The game itself was brutally challenging and is still played competitively today.

Perhaps 80’s video games are beloved because they let the player make up their own story. Since we never knew why Pac-Man was being chased by ghosts or why the Princess was kidnapped by Bowser, players could make up their own stories. Or, perhaps the simple-yet-addictive game mechanics are the reason.

One thing’s for sure: great video games from the past are still just as relevant today.