Super Mario GUIDE


Super Mario GUIDE

Super Mario Run is a classic racing game in which the goal is to collect as many coins as possible. The player only has to blow up Mario – tapping the screen – to make him catch the coins … and that’s all. Small peculiarity, it is played the screen placed vertically, in order to monopolize only one hand.

Little more, it will be possible to play in multiplayer with people from all over the world – through a system of ghost – in frenzied races. The winner is of course the one who picks up the most coins.

Super Mario Run: A real Mario as we love them!

The game is more technical than you might think.

Super Mario Run is composed of three great modes of games, so we will begin with the most classic baptized “Tour of the World”. Through 6 worlds consisting of 4 levels (24 stages), we control the good Mario through horizontal levels that the fans would not deny. We find all the classic atmospheres of the franchise, including the Champignon kingdom, Boo mansion, Bowser cave and many others. The objective is, you can imagine, to reach the flag located at the end of the course by collecting a maximum of yellow coins, but also the five tokens necessary to consider your run as perfect.

Indeed, before starting your run, you can choose your level of difficulty (pink, purple or black) which will influence the placement of the five pieces. This offers a form of replayability at each level, bringing the number of challenges in this round-the-world mode to 72. A fair amount for players who absolutely want to overcome all aspects of the game but can potentially Be divided by three and prove a bit chicken for the most casual players. Here then for the principle, let us now proceed to practice.


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